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Marc Ducrow is an conscientious and tireless artist working in the movie and comic book industry. Marc's comic book work includes STANDING TALL, STANDSTILL, and many more indie comic titles. Being Freelance, he has previously drawn posters for DARK HORSE COMICS as his illustration work is making its way around the world, not only inside comic books, but also on the cover of many other forms ranging from comic books to graphic novels, magazines to logos, CD covers to movie covers/posters. As well as his work with WISDOM COMICS Marc is working with RED SCAR Productions as an illustrator, Inker and letterer for their new upcoming comic book called BRIT ATTACK.

Marc is painting and creating more and more movie posters for indie movies as well as high budgeted movies through an advertising agency dealing with such companies like, 20th Century Fox, Paramount, Disney and many more, Not only with posters but the story board pages also.


His other work consist of portraits and commissions and after all that, when he isn't drawing, Marc Is the founder and CEO of his own comic book publishers called WISDOM COMICS to which he Regularly creates, writes and edits his own line of comic books.

He currently lives in Cornwall with his wife, Sophie and two Children.



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